Hansa Raj Jain (Chairman)

The management of Samsara is sharply driven by the selection and involvement of highly professional domain experts providing competitive edge to the business. Mr. Hans Raj Jain, the Chairman of Arihant Group, spearheads the company. Mr. Jain brings with him a track record of success in all his ventures. His management style is innovative and in keeping with the corporate style outlined in the company's mission.

Jeewan Babu Shrestha (Executive Vice Chairman)

Having been involved in the banking sector previously, Mr. Jeewan Babu Shrestha knows exactly what 'service' means. He has a belief that each and every stakeholder needs to be able to make the most out of their association with Samsara, be it an overseas partner, sub-agent, management or staff level. He has been steering the company towards delivering concrete financial results with good corporate governance.

Suraj Chhetri (Director - Business Development & Marketing)

With over ten years of experience in the remittance business, Mr. Chhetri is a man to reckon within the sector. Having joined the business when it was still in a nascent stage and having the opportunity to grow personally with the changes in the sector, Mr. Chhetri knows the intricacies of how the business operates. Recognized as an efficient communicator, a team builder and an action-oriented leader, he is instrumental in structuring and negotiating complex contracts and intricate business relationships. Mr. Chhetri has been leading the company's efforts to secure new business, penetrate and expand existing markets, and provide strategic analysis of Samsara's clients and competitors.

Jagat Rijal (Director-Operations)

What started out as a job opportunity ten years back has now turned into a passion for Mr. Jagat Rijal. Initially, in his career, it was only about doing a job properly but now Rijal is more focused on how the industry as a whole could be made better. Mr. Rijal has deep industry knowledge, both in business model and financial and has been making sure these depths provide the company with the methodologies to drive superior business results.


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