Samsara Associated with Nepali Movie

Samsara Associated with Nepali Movie

Samsara Remit started with a dream. To offer a world class remittance service and deliver the most wonderful feeling to our valued customers, Happiness. Over millions of satisfied customers backed by a dedicated team and sound IT infrastructur

We are still committed to finding new ways to heighten our service and deliver immeasurable happiness. Samsara Remit is focused on the well being and happiness of the people that it is associated with. It is not only about delivering remittance services but about bringing happiness, which is always associated with remittance, that Samsara holds steady to.

We believe that happiness is something that cannot be bought overnight or over the counter. Happiness comes from one’s actions. Happiness comes from being able to share the joys of the people one is associated with. And we at Samsara see it to it that we are able to share the joy of the people who we are serving.

Keeping this culture of spreading happiness alive through the years, Samsara Remit has focused not only on transferring money to clients but also delivering happiness. It is about putting a smile on the faces of people who walk in through our doors every day. It is about going that extra mile to see that even the smallest concern of any customer who visits us is taken care of immediately and with a smile.

Samsara Remit is a licensed remittance solution company, established in 2006 with a paid up capital of Rs 50 million. We are one of the leading money transfer companies in Nepal. Samsara, over the years, has been able to carve a niche in the remittance business for being able to understand the individual needs of our stakeholders, be it remitters, agents, employees or the board members.

Over the past few years, Samsara has become synonymous with reliability, and prompt and cost effective service. Moreover, we have been able to gain the reputation of a remittance company that ‘Delivers with a human touch.

Today Exchange Rate 1 USD = 116.54 NPR.

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