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Tie up with International partners

With a mission of providing wider access and high quality service to our customers, we have recently added a number of agents from different parts of the world. We arehappy and confident that addition of these agent network is going to help usconnect to a large number of customers residing in various parts of the world.


1. Small World (LCC): LCC, as a member of the Small World group, is the no. 1 ranked remit company in the UK. It is a global international payments operator and offers a secure,fast and inexpensive way to send and receive money anywhere in the world.


2. World Remit: World Remit is one of the highly trusted UK based remit company. It is licensed by government regulators around the world and ranks in top 10. Besides over tocounter facility, this company also provides online + mobile transfer services. It currently operates with 2 partners in Nepal.


3. M&M Remit: M&M Remit is a Mauritius based remit company with its current operations in Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar. Samsara Remit works as a third party associatewith M&M. It is a remittance company registered and operated from Republic of Mauritius with Global Business License (GBL1) from Financial Service Commission ( FSC).


4. QS Remit: QS Remit is Japan based professional and customers focused money transfer company. It provides a convenient and affordable way for people to send money to family& businesses across Asia.

Today Exchange Rate 1 Canadian Dollar = 77.59 NPR.,1 Yen = 0.9189 NPR.,1 Euro = 119.96 NPR.,1 Pound = 156.48 NPR.,1 USD = 118.71 NPR.

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